Thursday, December 7, 2006

Gettin' Loaded in the 00's is Cheap!

A Dewar's ad in The New York Times on Tuesday reprinted the front page of the December 5, 1933 NYT to celebrate the anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. One of the articles was about how drink prices would drop by half once booze was legal. This article gave some of the new prices as furnished by the The Society of Restrauteurs. Here are some examples:

Gin and whiskey cocktails - 30 cents.
rum cocktails - 35 cents
Ginger ale or seltzer for Highballs an extra 5-10 cents
Whiskey $3.00 a quart
wine served in a restaurant $2.50
champagne - $8.00 at a table, $5.00 to take home

Of course this sounds great but really means nothing without adjusting for inflation. So I adjusted.

Gin and whiskey cocktails - $4.65
rum cocktails - $5.42
Ginger ale or seltzer for Highballs an extra $0.78 to $1.50
Whiskey $46.50 a quart
wine served in a restaurant $38.75
Champagne (brace yourselves) - $124.00 at a table and $77.50 to take home

So getting loaded in 1933 was pricey but not too far off today's prices. But the the day before you had to go to a speakeasy and pay double these prices! Man, we would have never made it in the 20's


Ivan Grozny said...

We would have made it. I brew beer and mead. I have tried my hand at cider as well. I'm trying to convince Greg to make wine. It's easy, and it's wicked cheap.

Greg said...
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Greg said...

Here's another good one...I looked at a 1938 American Airlines schedule. The one way fare from Chicago to Houston was $70.14.

The same fare today on Southwest is $89

Ivan Grozny said...

Yes, but it was worth every penny in 1938. Air hostesses were all registered nurses back in that day that served hot meals. They were also gravity defying prostitutes.

David House said...

well the adjustment for inflation 1938 to 2006 is $1-1938 is equal to $14.31 in 2006. Meal and a Nurse included would you still want to pay $1003.70 to fly Chicago to Houston?

Ivan Grozny said...

Would the airborn tramps be Chicogans, or Houstonians?