Monday, December 4, 2006

Point Taken!

I stand ( a bit) corrected. As David House pointed out, he did post a lovely piece about a Happy Shirt.

However, I do not believe for a millisecond that "busy" and/or "responsible" has all that much to do with the dearth of posts.

Here is a picture of David House being "busy" and "responsible":


Ivan Grozny said...

Cut the guy some slack. At least he isnt drinking a combusting beverage with a sapphire hue.

David House said...

Yeah! I'm obviously screaming at the help to bring me a cocktail. see how my hand is in the "holding a cocktail" pose. And I'm sure when my cocktail arrived it was neither azure nor ablaze.

Ivan Grozny said...

I must know.
What cocktail did arrive?

David House said...

I'm sure it was some kind of vodka and tasty juice. Or maybe a vodka martini, or maybe vodka straight from the bottle.