Saturday, December 16, 2006

hurricane vs bad storm

Why is it that a storm with winds that reach 75 MPH along the atlantic seaboard is a hurricane but the same storm in the pacific northwest is just a "bad storm?" We had such a storm on Thursday here in the PNW. It knocked out power to 1.5 million people, including Ken and I. The storm sank boats, felled trees, took off roofs, etc. But never ever was the work hurricane used. There is a Pacific Ocean equvilant to hurricane (the term has slipped my mind at the moment) but they never used that either. Odd. Obviously we have our power back now.

Another thing I noticed because of the storm. Most people are like sheep. I had noticed this before but I digress... After the storm was over people were out in droves stocking up on supplies. Gas stations ran out of gas, batteries were at a premium. Grocery stores were packed. People are stupid too. They did not stock up before the storm, they waited until after. And they didn't wait to stock up until after the trees had been cleared, the power lines resotored and the traffic lights were operational. They all went out into the chaos of the post-storm period, thereby creating more chaos. We went to get lunch yesterday from work. My office park is no more than a mile from an area with many restaurants and stores. It took us an hour and a half to go get food and return. The restaurants were so packed we couldn't get in. We got the remains of some deli sandwiches from a grocery.

I hate everyone. Ok not everyone, there are about 25 people I don't hate.

Boy is this a meandering word salad. Sorry.

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Greg said...

This type of thing happened to us in Louisville a couple of years ago. We had a storm come through here with 125 mph gusts, but because they didn't spin around in a circle it wasn't a tornado, it was "a storm with straight-line winds".

The people whose roofs were ripped off didn't really care about the difference, nor did our neighbors who lost power for several days.

I was never so glad that we didn't have any trees in our yard when I took a walk around the neighborhood the next day.